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We are a CASH and POINTS Site!

Note: as of 5-08-16 NO new members from China,Taiwan, Hong Kong, Algeria, India or Poland will be accepted

Get paid for visiting our advertisers sites. You choose your favorite topics of interest and we'll do the rest. You will have the option to receive paid e-mail to your e-mail account or you can choose to have your mail sent to your personal, onsite Inbox.

In the members only area, you will find several ways to earn. We offer Paid Email, Paid To Click Ads, Affiliate Pages, Paid To Promote, and Treasure Rooms .

Guardian Mails is a $1.00 MINIMUM PAYOUT PROGRAM to Amazon E-Gift Card, Check - US, GPay, Serve (US Only), Skrill.Amazon Gift Cards are ($5 minimum)
NEW MEMBERS MAY ONLY CASHOUT AFTER 20 DAYS (as long as they are active).

When your referrals click on an advertiser's link you will also get credit for it. We credit you for 1 referral levels. No activity requirement to earn from your downline.
Level #1 = 5%

We have Paid To Promote paying up to 40/1000 (Tier 1&2) for Upgraded Members. We also have a free ptp and a points ptp for All

Affiliate Pages available paying 20/1000.

Click Contests

Free 6 Month upgrade ( contact to claim yours)

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Upgraded memberships are available for increased Advertising benefits Here!

Cheaters deleted immediately on discovery.

Yahoo (or derivative - e.g. Ymail, BTInternet, Rogers, etc.) email addresses not permitted.


Competitive Advertising prices

Tier 1&2 ads available

Custom Targeting available

Paid Email, Paid To Click, Banner Rotations and Paid To Promote Advertising Options as standard, but Custom Campaigns can also be created

Members 100% Double Opt-in - They sign up to receive YOUR advertising with a 2 step process

Cheats and those using false information removed daily

No Spam

Advertising accepted only in accordance with our Terms and with PayPal AUP

Advertiser 'Stats' link provided with every campaign (including Paid To Promote)

Guaranteed click-thru' - we do not send 'Duration Emails' (i.e. 30 Day ads) - we only send Guaranteed Clicks Emails (i.e. 250 Clicks), sent every 24 hours until 100% click-thru' is reached. Available as send to all Members except targeted to Tier 1&2

Fast, Friendly Service

Ads set up within 24 hours, but normally quicker - unless planned holidays or unforeseen circumstances prevail.

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